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Yes, all UNSW staff must participate in myCareer. myCareer is intended to provide a common framework across UNSW to translate the 2025 Strategy and subsequent business planning and scorecard processes down to the team and individual level. It also translates the position description into achievable goals for a defined period and provides an avenue for discussions about career aspirations.

All permanent, fixed term, full time and part time staff and managers are included in myCareer. Casual and sessional staff do not have to complete myCareer. Please continue to use your existing processes, or myCareer if you wish, to support them to perform at their best. Contractors continue to use the performance development processes and systems of their primary employer.

If you have someone on secondment for 3 months or more you need to complete a myCareer plan with them. This ensures you both have clear expectations regarding what will be achieved during the secondment and allows the secondee to discuss any career interests or development goals they would like to work on while on secondment a very concise plan is fine in this instance.

Where is myCareer recorded? myCareer is a confidential process. It can be viewed by you, your manager, senior leaders (primarily for the purposes of talent and succession planning) and HR. If your manager changes, then the new manager will see your myCareer plan. In phase 1 (2017) myCareer is recorded on paper based forms and then saved confidentially by the area manager or Human Resources. In phase 2 (anticipated to be from 2019 onwards) an online myCareer system will be available to record myCareer.

New employees must complete the probation process. However, if you wish to complete myCareer as well to have a broader discussion around career, performance goals and Values in Action (Behaviours) you can. Many leaders choose this option to have a richer conversation.

You can register for myCareer training here. Alternatively you can access the Digital training video using the enrolment key: mycareer, which takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Yes. Each year please complete a new myCareer template. If you are still using an old scheme e.g. PDS/PDR or others. Please close this off roll over to the myCareer program.

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