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To get started on your myCareer plan please download either the Professional myCareer Plan or the Academic myCareer Plan. Storage is different in each Faculty and Division. You and your conversation leader will keep a copy. If your HR team would like a copy they will let you know.
For ideas and inspiration on how to fill out your form, please access the worked examples below.
As part of the myCareer plan for the year ahead, I am hoping to develop and improve my strategic thinking skills as well as gain further experience in people management and leadership skills. Through the myCareer process I have been able to carefully map out a plan, in partnership with my supervisor, for what I hope to achieve in the next 12 months. This has also prompted me to think about what development and career tools are available to me within UNSW but also outside of UNSW
Hanne Bjellaanes
Centre Manager  - Centre for Social Research in Health and Social Policy Research Centre
For inspiration on how to write your own myCareer plan, please download the Professional staff myCareer worked example.
One of my research career goals in the area of ‘Innovation and Research Leadership’ is to establish an international geriatric depression consortium. Through international collaboration and pooling of data I seek to understand the aetiology of the disorder and its implications in more detail to advance treatment and preventative strategies.
Simone Reppermund
PhD, Senior Research Fellow, UNSW Scientia Fellow  - Department of Developmental Disability Neuropsychiatry & Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing School of Psychiatry | UNSW Medicine
For inspiration on how to write your own myCareer plan, please download one of the Academic myCareer worked examples relevant to you.